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R Mai 28, 2021 15:44
Foorum: Varuosad
Teema: M: 9-5 hirsch carbon armatuurid
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Re: M: 9-5 hirsch carbon armatuurid


Do you ship these to Finland?

br Tony
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P Dets 20, 2020 0:15
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Teema: M: Saab 9-5 my2002 2.3t varuosadena
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Re: M: Saab 9-5 my2002 2.3t varuosadena

Tere! Do you have those ventilated seats switchers still? I would want to buy them.. I think i just wrote you a message from another car, about the seatwarmers :D In what condition are the Xenon headlights? could you send a picture to e-mail? and what price would they be? For one, or both... tony.ta...
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K Nov 25, 2020 11:37
Foorum: International
Teema: Hirsch parts wanted!
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Hirsch parts wanted!

Hi all!

I am looking to buy Hirsch interioir and exterior parts. If you happen to have any parts, please put PM to me and we can talk more!

With best regards: Tony