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[list]From: Sven Brouwers <svenonbekend /ätt/>

Dear Saabclub Estonia,

I found your SAAB-club internetsit by the Estonian Google.
My name is Sven, I am living in The Netherlands and I collect for my hobby numberplates/license plates.
I have got numberplates from lots of countries and differtentstyles,
but I am looking for several years for all kind of Estonian numberplates. I still don`t have them.
Especially for the older Estonian numberplates with Validation Sticker.

The reason I send your SAAB-club an e-mail, is that I have also a SAAB by myself. I have got a SAAB 99.

Maybe it is a very strange question to you, but have you got, or has someone of the SAAB-club an (old/new)Estonian numberplatethat I could have for my collection?

I would appreciate it a lot if you would let me know if it ispossible or not.

I look forward with interest to receiving your response.

Kind regards,

Sven Brouwers,
The Netherlands


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